RO Gutzzi

Compact Reverse osmosis

RO Gutzzi is the result of the study, design and manufacturing created by a multidisciplinary team composed of biologists, engineers, designers and prívate users.
We have achieved a compact, modern, simple, easy to-maintain and durable equipment.
This is our philosophy when it comes to manufacturing something as important as a Gutzzi reverse osmosis equipment.

The value of sustainability

The human body of an adult person is composed of 60% water, while the body of a baby is 80% water. Drinking from our own spring at home with our Gutzzi equipment: pure and balanced water for our senses. Staying hydrated in an easy and convenient manner; offering our children a controlled water of the highest quality. Gutzzi, the best way to have pure water at home.

Water with a low mineral content; the ideal water for our ice cubes, without flavours or limescale residues. Gutzzi has an accessory to connect to fridges with automatic ice cube production. High quality water with a low mineral content at home will help us in cleaning vegetables and fruits, and in the maintenance of steam appliances. The health of ornamental plants can be improved by watering them with low mineral content water, such as the one offered by Gutzzi.

Water is very important in our kitchen. Cooking with pure water gives our mea Is its original flavor and provides an easier and faster cooking.
With Gutzzi, pasta, vegetables, pulses, etc. become delicious meals. When tap water is heated, it may change the taste of our coffee, teas, infusions, etc.
Using Gutzzi’s osmosis water is a pleasure for the senses.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 410 mm x 415 mm x 220 mm
  • Weight: 12 kg.
  • Inlet TDS (max.) : 2000 ppm (Flow rates can vary +/-20% )
  • Temperature (max. – min.): 38 ºC – 5 ºC
  • Membrane: 600 GPD
  • Pressure (max. – min.): 4 bar – 1 bar (400kPa – 100kPa)
  • Faucet: Klein
  • Pump: Booster
  • Power Supply: 24 Vdc / 27 Vdc
  • External adapter: 110 – 240 v. 50- 60 Hz: 24 Vdc

Original consumables:

  • Sediments Pre-filter (Ref. 291803)
  • GAC Carbon CS Pre-filter (Ref. 291902)
  • Green Filter encapsulated membrane of 75 GPD (Ref. 717704)
  • Remineralising Post-filter (Ref. 291920)


  • Pressure regulator (Ref. 577603)
  • Pressure regulator (Ref. 953164)
  • UV Lamp (Ref. 243600)