WS470UF upflow high efficiency softeners

This system is composed by a Greentank GRP vessel with top and bottom distributors and a brine tank made in polyethylene with capacity for many regenerations. Brine tanks equipped with brine grid and safety brine valve.

Countercurrent regenerations. Low water and salt consumption. Optimum quality of treated water.

Technical Specifications:

WS470HE up-flow valve. Made of heavy-duty Noryl and controlled by a horizontal piston. 1” threaded male connection.

  • Valve WS530HE made of heavy duty Noryl:
    It is controlled by an horizontal piston. 1” connection.
  • User-friendly and intuitive WaterMark Series programmer: Multilingual display: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian and Italian. There are several types of operation available: chronometric, metered delayed, immediate or mixed.
  • Fully pre-programmed equipment.
  • All working parameters can be configured.
  • It contains water softening food-grade resin from GreenResin,
    which features a great capacity and is supplied in 25 litre bags.
  • Silex distributing base with different grain sizes.


  • Min. pressure: 2 kg/cm2. Max. pressure: 6 kg/cm2.
  • Min. temperature: 4 ºC. Max. temperature: 40 ºC.
  • Power supply 220 V – 12 V (transformer included).