WS490UF upflow high efficiency softeners

This system is composed of 2 PRFV Greentank bottles with upper and lower distributors, and a salt tank made of polyethylene with enough capacity for several regenerations. It has a false bottom and a safety valve.

Countercurrent regenerations. Low water and salt consumption. Optimum quality of treated water.

Technical Specifications:

WS470HE up-flow valve. Made of heavy-duty Noryl and controlled by a horizontal piston. 1” threaded male connection.

  • Watermark series timer: simple and friendly programming.
  • Multilingual display: English, French, Spanish and German.
  • Multiple regenerations configurations are available. Systems are supplied completely preprogrammed from factory, but it allows modifying all the internal parameters.
  • Systems are supplied with high capacity food grade GreenResin ion exchange resin (25 liters/bag).
  • Silex distributing base with different grain sizes.


  • Min. pressure: 2 kg/cm2.- Max. pressure: 6 kg/cm2.
  • Min. temperature: 4 ºC.-Max. temperature: 40 ºC.
  • Power supply 220 V – 12 V (transformer included).