Ergo 11

Water softener

Designed according to the needs of installation technicians and professionals of the water treatment branch, the Ergo equipment has the most advanced technology to facilitate installation and maximise reliability. The Ergo valve, made of Noryl, has a totally hydraulic system and works without electricity.

The Direct Access system makes programming easier and guarantees a correct commissioning. Ergo includes the revolutionary Saving Regen system. The most modern technology in water softening applied to the Ergo equipment.

Designed for the house and other commercial applications, Ergo water softeners require little space and are capable of producing quick regenerations thanks to the Speed Regen system. Furthermore, the Ergo High flow system prepares the equipment to cover up to 100% of the needs from your house and other commercial installations.

Standard bypass: the bypass guarantees that the user can select the water he needs. It also includes a hardness mixing valve.

Easy Access to the tank: the accessibility to the tank allows using salt blocks or tablets in the same equipment.

Design with easy-to-access lid: the design of the Ergo equipment makes installation and maintenance easier to reduce costs.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 608 x 500 x 297 mm
  • Temperature range (max-min): 1,7 – 45ºC
  • Resin volume: 10,5 liters
  • Work flow 2,1 m³/h
  • Work maximum flow 2,1 m³/h
  • Exchange capacity: 23,7ºHFxm³
  • Salt/regeneration: 0,36 Kg Salt
  • Maximum hardness: 73 ºHF
  • Water consumption/reg: 25
  • Salt/regeneration: 0,36 Kg Salt