Understand your water

Do you know the difference between hard and soft water? Can you be sure what you are drinking?

Limescale, viruses and bacteria, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, chlorine and sediment – your water contains many unwanted components that can easily be eliminated with a Kinetico water system.

Whether you want softened and/or filtered water, understanding what could be in your water and why your water is the way it is, is one of the first steps to discovering the value and importance of better water with a Kinetico water solution.

What is hard water?

Do you know the difference between hard and soft water? Did you know hard water causes limescale?

The benefits of soft water

Soft, smooth skin, silky hair, more money in your pocket, more time to spend doing the things you love and no more limescale! Sound good?

What's in your drinking water?

Viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, sediment… these are just a few of the hidden extras that could be present in your drinking water!

The benefits of filtered water

Healthy, tasty, economical and environmental friendly. Kinetico filtered water has so many benefits…