What is hard water

Rain is naturally soft - water only becomes hard as it passes through the ground.

When rainwater passes through the ground in chalk and limestone regions it picks up calcium and magnesium minerals which make the water hard.

Water is treated and made safe to drink, but remains hard as it enters your home. It is this hard water, when heated, that causes limescale.

The scale contained in hard water can cause damage and expense in the home...

• Limescale build-up in heating systems causes a loss in heating efficiency, wasting energy.

• Showers, washing machines and immersion heaters become damaged and inefficient more quickly.

• Limescale quickly builds up on taps, sinks and other fittings becoming unsightly and making cleaning difficult.

• Hard water can aggravate skin conditions such as eczema.

Kinetico water softeners revert hard water back to the natural composition of soft water, removing the substances that cause the damaging limescale build-ups throughout your home.